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>>neil: until riots in belgium. and it ain't over chocolate. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto and if you are planning a vacation in brussels, don't, because if you think coming down on gardens is tough in the garden state, look at the protests generated in the belgium state. thousands of workers taking to the streets demanding the government not take away their benefits. or curtailing them. the same thing in spain. and in italy.
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and in greece. public workers fed up because the governments are cracking down as we're ready to spend more. democrats set to put another 20 spending bills into the lame duck session. bills that could lead taxpayers with $415 billion tab. and now we break it down. belgium is one thing, and we're another. what is going on? >>guest: a lot they pushed off to the lame duck and that will show the impact of the election. a medicare bill that is hundreds of billions if physician payments that physicians are lobbying for, unemployment benefits that can be extended, another $3 4 billion. will congress be in the mood to pass the bills after this election. it is debt and spending. it will be a tough road for democrats and lame duck.
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>>neil: if the normal democratic constituency, similar to the public constituency, say, in belgium, where there were protests today or in france, spain, and the other countries that have had worker uprising, maybe they don't want to risk something like that here. in other words if government getting, perish the in the, of fear. >>guest: we will have the constituencies pushing hard and some democrats will say no matter what, we are in charge, so we need to pass the bills and when republics, if they control the house or senate, they can deal with it. but some of the bills have moved under republican congresses and congresses could be on the spot to say "no" to physicians, we will not increase the medicare reimbursements. that puts them on the spot. >>neil: what is weird, whether
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you are right or left on this issue, but, clearly, we see big socialist government in europe trying to take away the apron strings or the big nanny government and in the case of france, raising the retirement age from 60 to 62. but they are in the doing it in a draconian fashion but the response tends to be violent. what happened here? >>guest: well, in some ways it is different. a lot of the polls are showing you look at earmarks, used to be popular, and now in this country there are more people saying don't bring home the pay cop, we have a deficit problem, a problem our children and grandchild have to deal with. you look at senators, like tomko -- senator coburn, he keeps
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getting reelected, although he tells us things we did not want to hear so he moved here from the house of representatives and the mood is different. >>neil: a lot of the uprising, they are union workers and public workers, and they are beholden to the government and the government to them. so there could be a silent majority that welcomes government cracking down. is there a message here because some of the spending maps i see, i don't see that. >>guest: one of the things to look for is something like the afl-cio pushing very hard so democrats can retain their majority, several democrats voted "no" on health care and there is concern that prove would pull a page from president clinton's play book in 1994 and 1995 and he triangulated so the afl-cio unions will work very hard for democrats and then
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president obama moves to the middle because he has to work with more republicans. >>neil: i don't see that. maybe i'm wrong. >>guest: could be. it is a big question but something when he decides would will replace rahm emanuel, who is the advisor, that is telling. >>neil: thank you. rahm emanuel is leaving the administration soon to run for mayor of chicago. the president is holding a final meeting before the elections and it is very hush hush in there and they have not hrdz -- heard about the neil cavuto platform, 10 percent across-the-board cut for all government agencies, and i don't think my somewhat left leaning friend is a big fan of the plan here saying money is cheap right now, take advantage of it. christian, i think the spending
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days are over. we are spent, tapped out. >>guest: we are not tapped out. we need to be frugal, do not spend money recklessly but it does not mean that you do not invest in wise things. i think there have been a lot of attempts to do things that stimulate the increase through increased job creation that increases economic growth which is something that democrats, republicans, all people should favor. we can debate if they have been as effective as they should be but why think we have been spending recklessly but spending in response to an economic catastrophe that no one really foresaw. >>neil: we can disagree because we have been spending it recklessly and if we had not we would see more bang for the buck but we still have 10 percent unemployment. and job losses have loaded a bit
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but the bottom line, the economy stinks so for the trillions we have spent and this is what we have, it is money not well spent. >>guest: is the alternate that we stop? we stop investing? that would not be good business practice. >>neil: that is exactly. stop. when you dig a hole, stop digging. put the some develop -- put the shovel down. >>guest: you spend smarter and better and invest. >>neil: how is spending smarter giving to unions and union-enhanced jobs? how is that smarter? you are just saying, rewarding your friends, not helping us. >>guest: look at potential economic output. if we get those people back to work doing productive things that are necessary for increasing economic activity in the country, that is a short-term gain with people back
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to work. >>neil: i had the potential to be jack lalanne and a fox news alert ain't happening so all the good talk and worthy intentions in the world do not get us away from the bake fact that we have dug a much bigger hole and for whatever reason, talking about what you guys inherited, things are now a fiscal mess and we are spending increasing amounts of money we don't have on the hope that like, maybe, a bad parlor game we can double down and hope for better results. >>guest: think of the costs we incur if we condition with high rates of unemployment, and generation of kids what have lower --. >>neil: this ain't working. >>guest: if it is in the
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working, let's work together to come up with something that will work, giving up, is not an solution. stopping investing, that is not a worthwhile map. that accepts the status quo. that is unacceptable. >>neil: we should incentivize people with their own money. that is another show. thank you for joining us. "your world" alert. why are these guys celebrating? stay tuned.
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>>neil: and another vote going on, at cavute. we wanted to know, would you support a cavuto administration, and 21 percent say yes, and 4 percent say definitely yes. and 75 percent say absolutely. unions teaming up to take on the tea party or protect their people, ahead of the protests, the judge. f2f;@
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>>neil: union leaders for antitea party in washington this weekend. it is called "one nation," and 25,000 members expected to con verge on the capitol, organized in part by the union to counter the parent, the same union whose former chief and frequent visitor to the white house is reportedly the target of a corruption probe. he denies it but should the union members be more worried about their own leaders than the tea party? and now judge napolitano. >>guest: these people have the right to protest. they have the right to demand more from the government and the
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right to criticize the tea party but what is more consistent with the values of the declaration of independence? people that protest the government because they thing they can write any law and tax any event? or people who are there because the union boss told them to go there and who made political contributions because the union bosses told them and who want the government to give them more, from the taxpayers. >>neil: what i don't understand and you have been at tea party events as i have for a couple of years, and obviously they share some of the same thoughts. >>guest: you heard what the governor of our home state said today, i have no problem with the teachers but the leaders of the union with woman i have a problem. governor christi in new jersey. >>neil: he wants to change merit pay.
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>>guest: a great story for another time. >>neil: i am against that here. because that means you would have to be of some merit. >>guest: then you would have three shows instead of two. is back to where we are, and those guys are probably watching, the labor union leadership which loans left. it is not the rank and file people would understand the hard work and saying and freedom produce prosperity but it is the leadership that want benefits for the union and more government regulation of the free marketplace. those are the people that are orchestrating the rally. they can orchestrate all they want. that rally on august 28 will have had ten times the number these folks get on saturday. >>neil: i thought i read there were eight people at the rally? >>guest: yb yb had -- glenn beck has closer to 800,000.
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>>neil: when in danger, wounded animals strike out and they are getting more in your face. >>guest: the question: which party is more animated to come to the polls this november? the republicans? or the democrats? the tea party folks in the republican party have brought in independents and democrats and union members, have created a passion to go to the polls to stop this government from doing the kind of things you told us it plans to do during the lame duck session even if it loses control of congress. >>neil: i will give you my campaign platform. this is something also you may want to do, carry it around. on an index party. simple. i left it outside of glenn
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>>neil: the california debate and now the smears, republican gubernatorial candidate meg whitman sitting down with us after the big debate on tuesday with jerry brown responding to controversial allegations made an hour ago by a former house speaker. meg, good to have you. thank you for coming. >>guest: how are you? >>neil: we did put out a call
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to your opponent and he has been on the show before and i hope he will show up. the invite is out there and i hope the former governor takes us up on it. open what this former housekeeper charges, to you want to respond to it? >>guest: it is a lie. and i feel terrible. she is a wonderful individual, an extended part of our family for nine years and somethings that happened. she is being manipulated. this is a political gimmick, led by gloria allred, politics as usual, and poor nicky, i feel terrible for her. it is in the true. but politics as usual. >>neil: now, the stories take on a life of their own and she claims you knew from the outset she was an illegal alien, the housekeeper, or nanny, whatever, for the better part of nine
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years. is it true during any of that time you suspected she was not a legal citizen? >>guest: absolutely not. we used an employment agency to find her. she filled out a 1099, and showed a california driver's license, and everything was in order. we specified with the employment agent we wanted to make sure we had someone who was here legally to work in the country and no one was more surprised when slow came to me in june of 2009 and admitted she was here illegally and forged the documents. >>neil: at that point you said, i'm sorry i have to let you go. >>guest: we said, gosh, i am terribly sorry, but we would be breaking the law if we kept you in our employment. so we have to let you go. so that saturday she came to the house to tell us she was not here legally and she never came back to work because it was just not the right thing to do to keep her in our employ. so, you know, i feel bad.
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i feel terrible for her. we had no idea she was in the here logically. >>neil: what did she say at the time? >>guest: she said i am so sorry, so sorry, i love your family. and i worked for you for nine years and i am sorry. >>neil: what do you make of the timing of the announcement today? >>guest: it is clearly politically motivated. we had a agree debate last night and i did very, very well, no surprise this morning, there is a political stunt, politics as usual. >>neil: and now the debate and what has happened since this insurance depth because these things are hard to verify but i wanted to get your views on it, meg. governor brown lab saying --. >>guest: it is net lard to verify. we have the documentation, we put it out there, there is a black and white case. >>neil: you have the
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documentation when you knew she was illegal or not? >>guest: we have the documentation that we got from the employment acknowledge when we hired her. >>neil: weapon the governor said putting you in the governor's mansion is like putting big business in the governor's mansion and your support for capital games and tax cut would remind voters you are a friend of billionaires and millionaires and he mentioned it last flight and got a lot of play as did your charges against him. what do you make of it, you are a billionaire, spending a record amount of your money to become the governor of california. >>guest: what he forgets is california has a 12.6 percent unemployment third highest in the country and we are not competitive with 19ing states to keep good jobs in california so
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i want to eliminate taxes so businesses feel welcome in california. the state capital games tax is one, a tax on jobs on investment and innovation that makes us not competitive with neighboring states. and the truth, is california has a choice: stick our head in the stand and say the weather is great and that is enough to keep good jobs here. or we can compete with other states. i am for competing. we can win there and turn california around. but not with the status quo. what you saw last night is brown is a protector of the status quo. if he goes to sacramento, he will call in the unions and they will present the i.o.u.'s for funding the campaign, he is captive to special interests and i am not pause i don't owe anything to anyone but for the voters of california. >>neil: and you said "captive interest," and that got a lot of
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chuckles. listen to this. >> jerry brown in charge of negotiating with labor unions, on pensions and how many people we have in the state government is like putting dracula in front of the blood bank, the fact is, nothing will get ton. >>neil: that was clever but the governor responded that you did an about face on whether you require all state workers to sign up for 401(k) type plans where they could contribute to retirement and it is a fixed benefit coming in the state and you can be cowed. how do you respond? >>guest: he is wrong. there are two kinds of employees that report to the governor. public safety and rank and file civil service. for public safety i want the retirement age to go from 50, to 55. and i want extension of vesting time and the mes to pay more into the retirement.
4:28 pm
but for public safety, they can stay on a defined benefit program. these are people who are putting their life on the line for california and they have to recruit the best and the brightest so that is fair. you move to the rank and file and those would work for the department of motor vehicles or department of agriculture we need to move those retirement ages from 55 to 65 and those individuals need to come in, new employees need to come under a different deal, a 401(k) like many in the private sector. so it is a very fair program, a stuff program, but we have got to get our arms around this unpublicked pension liability because the taxpayers of california are on the hook for more money than we have any hope of paying unless we renegotiate all the benefits. >>neil: you have the biggest state deficits in the country with no way of balancing the book. chris christie in new jersey who campaigned for you has done it through spending cuts but people say that is smoke and mirrors and we did not know, we will see
4:29 pm
what happens. can you tell the california people, if you become governor, you will infer raise taxes. >>guest: i will never raise taxes. this is not the right thing to do. in the middle of a recession we cannot raise taxes on anyone. and california is overtaxed. we have the highest business tax, the highest personal income tax, the highest sales tax. higher taxes is not the answer. here is what the answer is, and there is a way forward: we can get the budget back in order but, first, we have to get people back to work in california. we have seen a decline in tax revenues by almost $20 billion because the unmoment rates are so high. so, we have to get california back to work, more companies paying taxes, more individuals paying tags, and then we have to reduce the cost of government. we have a government. we can for long are afford. we have to shrink the size of government and use technology to do more with less. we have to reform welfare program, we have 112 percent of
4:30 pm
the population and -- 12 percent of the population and 32 percent of the welfare cases. >>neil: one of the tightest races in the country. we will watch. stay tuned. robin ] my name is robin.
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>>neil: a move in the senate right now to make sure all of the bush tax cuts are extended, and the movement is among prominent democrats including dorgan of north dakota to put a limit on the middle-class tax cuts. what do you make of that karl rove? >>guest: the interesting thing is dorgan is ready to be a nonentity. he declined to be up for re-election and will be out and replaced by the republican governor of the case leading by 22 points. so i am surprised, i wonder if
4:35 pm
the leadership is saying, in our caucus politics, we should get someone out there pressing us from the left so we look more reasonable when we do $250,000 or less, it is unusual. senator harken said limit the tax cuts to those would make less than $150,000 a year. he is a player. we should pay attention to what he is doing. but doctor were, this is out of left field from a guy ready to have the final day in the u.s. senate. >>neil: i read into it and my campaign platform is all the rage now, and we will get into it, they are not going to address spending cuts but they want to pull in the tax cuts so what do you think? >>guest: they want more money. we know when we get congress to spend, more money for deficit reduction, they spend it. so we have to keep them from getting a big pot of cash and they will say give us that money
4:36 pm
to use for deficit reduction. no, it will be used for additional spending. >>neil: you think the $1.5 trillion doggen is referring to is in revenue, they would not put to deficit reduction but they would spend? >>guest: there, in congress there is something that happens when people go to washington, dc and they are there too long, particularly democrats, they want to spend. and you cannot tell me that dorgan, after response -- sponsoring all of the bills over the year, wants to do that. >>neil: dorgan will be on the show tomorrow, and tomorrow, a news alert, here we go again, gold and silver and cop are price is soaring and folks wonder, what has gold at an all-time high and silver at a 30 year high and copper at a two year high. usually when folks buy this they are worried about big stuff,
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>>neil: when it hits the fan, folks head for safety and for investers safety is gold. and are they flocking to it. and that is the call on why they are flocking to it. >>guest: why are people buying it, they buy on what will happen in the future. people are seeing gold at an all time high because they question what is going on in the u.s. government and governments around the world. u.s. government is printing money at record paces so that makes our dollar worth less and when it is worth less, gold is worth even more. so what people are thinking, we are in the going to stop spending in the united states, we will continue to print money, so that is not good for the economy and it will drive people into something that is tangible such as gold and silver. >>neil: what i don't understand if it is so bad why
4:41 pm
have stocks do reasonably okay, a great september, and the best in the decade. >>guest: that is the question. why is the gold high and the stock market high, along with it. the stock market is different animal. they usually diversion but the back u.s. dollar which is because of the government spending and printing too much money is helping stocks because we are in a glennal compl and -- we are in a global economy and that affects the bottom line. >>neil: the protests going on, the belgiums never protest but they are protests. with the increased protests, people erupting to the safety of gold, silver and copper. >>guest: in europe they are losing faith in the euro.
4:42 pm
we see what is happening in greece and ireland and it is spreading. if you have no faith if that paper, the euro, you want gold because it will always be around and worth something. same for silver. >>neil: do you my the commodity out right or buy a fund pegged to these? >>guest: i buy an exchange fund that when you buy into that you are tracking that price of gold. instead of buying a gold bar, because we are doing that and then you bury them in the backyard. >>neil: but they have done great, with gold at 25 percent up. >>guest: we bought it at $650 and you now it is at $1,300. when i see it on the cover of all the national newspapers on the front of magazines, that
4:43 pm
scares me but the problem is, if the u.s. dollar falls and the euro falls, it is a place to put your money. we are concerned. >>neil: when the hunt brothers ordered or cornered the silver market we know now that was just hedge. and legal. what about this? >>guest: this is sustainable. we could keep going, we see $1,500 and another $200 in the future by early next year, and i raise my prices because more people are coming in. and the central banks are no longer selling gold. they are not keeping their gold so there is less supply in the market. thank you. and the gay that says the president's policies are half baked. he should know. he is a banker.
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>>neil: small business owners grilling president obama over tax cuts worried about what is coming. and in new york city, there are amazing patriots -- amazing pastries. pastries. we were charting, and robert you have had a family run business forever. >>guest: yes. >>neil: pastries are great stuff. >>guest: (inaudible) >>neil: and you are saying you have health care concerns.
4:48 pm
(inaudible) >>neil: we will try to fix your mike. while we are fixing your husband's mike, the argument was, what, that was? >>guest: the expenses have gone up tremendously while his papers were in business and for him and siblings to take it over the concern was, can we afford what is coming to us? health care just since we have taken over has gone up 14 percent and i am sure it will be going up again, the premiums are, the way i see it --. >>neil: this is not just the cost of bread and flour but now
4:49 pm
how much have the health care costs gone up? how many employees do you have? >>guest: 22. and we bring health care. as of march they have gone up 14 percent. >>neil: is that the the president's fault? >>guest: the policies he is putting into effect. >>neil: you want to provide benefits to the workers? >>guest: of course. >>neil: and they have, the insurance companies, ratcheting up the premiums. >>guest: we bring the health care and if not ... we find $750 a worker. >>neil: you do the books? >> i do the books, he is good in the kitchen. they were thinking of another location, meaning more
4:50 pm
employees, probably going from small business to, i guess, a regular-sized business or mid-sized and if we did, health care is an issue, along with everything else. >>neil: what about the small business that was supposed to help business? >> well, i mean, we might be eligible for, it is 35 percent off the cost of premium. but it has to be $50,000 or less, the annual. >>neil: what would your dad be saying? >>guest: right now? he would be upset. to see everything that he worked for almost get thrown away. sacrifice. >>neil: are you thinking of closing? >>guest: that will not happen. i will make sure it won't. but this is his whole hive. so, uncertain times. and very upsetting.
4:51 pm
>> his father build a strong foundation, he gave us a successful business and it is a same because government policies are chipping away at that foundation. >>neil: guys, the most coherent guests i have lad
4:52 pm
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. >> neil: we have never seen anything like it, ever. forget about it being your world first, growing indication it might be a cable news first. scratch that. all-time news first. scratch that. dare i say it? a human kind first! the campaign plan for the economy, picks for president if there was a momentary lapse in sanity, built on
4:55 pm
down and dirty specifics like cutting programs 10%, curbing benefit for the rich and costing out every defensive appropriation, big stuff, controversial stuff. i said necessary stuff! and now, now, the stunning results. when asked on our "your world" website pledge cavuto how you felt about this, something dare i say approaching biblical. take a look at this. over 15,000 responses. 98% of you in complete agreement with the cavuto campaign plan for the economy. then to a variation of the same poll on fox business network, which if you do not get -- >> demand it. >> neil: because there the question was asked would you support a cavuto administration? 19% saying yes, you would. almost 5% of you saying yes, you definitely would. a whopping 76% said yes, you absolutely would! so move over glenn, there is
4:56 pm
a new issued sheriff in town and this guy is going to lead. president cavuto, why not? asked if i would put glenn beck in the cabinet, whatever it takes but i believe glenn is jealous of me. and another -- you are da bomb! take the lumps. let's do it. carolyn in rochester new york, you just gave a tingle up my leg and i thought tingles left my leg after gravity left my body. and another one -- bill, aol -- >> neil: gabe via aol --
4:57 pm
and from and another says you have replaced o'reilly and hannity. i am funny and wiser, than those guys, just ask them. and joe, he says "your platform is totally laughable. you have to be on the stupid tube, this should be a 20 percent jump in taxes for people making $250,000 or more to pay the debt that their greed made." it was reagan and then the war criminal bush who exploded it worse. yes, the evil keep giving to bush, so i will put him down as "no." and from florida, i am with you, but you left out no income tax refunds for people who do not pay income tax. and from new york city "you make
4:58 pm
this mom proud and god knows you would be a funny president and huggable, i can see your first state dinner now, sausage and dinner for everyone, and bocci ball court on the white house lawn." we have thousands of e-mails like that, really, all types, all kinds, all wondering about me for president. could i lead this nation? we will have a serious discussion about my ideas to fix the nation. tough ideas. tough choice. me and the without, okay. but, straight talk from the white house? not so. clearly not to a lot of you folks. you guys broken down our computer service letting us know how angry you are and how fed up
4:59 pm
you are with both parties, with politicians who talk tough but don't exactly do tough. say they are going after waste and spending but leave out the unpleasant details. that's what has you spent. that is what has you steamed. and that is what the tea party is begging both parties. this is not a red or blue issue but about green, or money, and our future. i know, many folks say i am wet and they say politicians who speak bluntly get marked and voter could talk about cutting spending but they never mean their spending. i don't my that. i ain't buying it. you know what hurts more than telling the truth? lying to folks and pretending you are. you know honesty never went out of style in this country. just with the folks leading this country. so go ahead and laugh at my contract with america. know that i hit a nerve in america. president cavuto? hmm, we could do worse, my friends. take a look around.

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